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Last update : 2022.10.18


The 1 Day Passes will be on sale during the first quarter of 2023.
The official resale is now taking place at our partner REELAX TICKETS
Do not buy any ticket on another website. Scams and frauds can occur on the internet and we do not consider tickets resold outside of Reelax.

Go to REELAX TICKETS to find / resell your ticket for the 4 days of Hellfest 2023.
Reelax Tickets is the only site to ensure you a secure transaction to obtain a valid ticket for Hellfest 2023.

You have checked this option for each of your tickets? Activate it until May 19, 2023 included and get a refund of the amount of a festival ticket (excluding fees) via tickets.hellfest.fr
After validation of your request, you will receive a confirmation email and your refund will be effective within 60 days from the receipt of the email.

You can find your order at any time via tickets.hellfest.fr .
Indicate the order number and the email used for the purchase to display the order for which you are responsible.
We remind you that the name written on the ticket is purely informative, it does not condition the fact of being the owner. Only the person who noted his coordinates as a purchaser at the time of his purchase, can request the SAV or activate his option Ticket Refunded.
After-sales service to contact in case of problem: [email protected]

As indicated on your purchase confirmation, you will receive an email from Chronopost indicating the delivery date of your package. You will have the possibility to reschedule the date, and to choose another date.
In case of error on your order or question that is not answered here, write to [email protected].

We will advise you partners to organize your travel (bus, train, carpool) to Hellfest in early 2023.