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Accueil / General informations

The 2024 edition is now over.
See you this fall for news about the 18th edition, which will be held from June 19 to 22, 2025.


When will the ticket office for the 2025 edition open?

All 4-Day Passes are now sold out. The official resale platform is now available at tickets.hellfest.fr. 1-Day passes will go on sale at the beginning of 2025.

NO OTHER SITE / TICKET OFFICE will be used for the resale of tickets.

p>1-Day Passes will go on sale at the beginning of 2025.

When will the line-up be announced?

The line-up will be unveiled in the last quarter of 2024. More information to come!

We no longer receive requests for programming / booking, so please do not contact us about this.

I want to apply for a cashless refund, how to do it?

Refund requests end on 14/07/2024 and must be made on cashless.hellfest.fr

Once this date has passed and if you have not requested a refund, the remaining balance will be automatically transferred to Hellfest Productions and will no longer be recoverable.

Is the festival website accessible to visitors?

The festival site will once again be accessible to the public from Wednesday, July 31, 2024.

More information on access and parking at: https://www.levignobledenantes-tourisme.com/

I am a restaurant owner, stand operator or exhibitor and I would like to take part in Hellfest 2025.

Our teams are on vacation, please contact us again in September 2024 [email protected].

I would like to have merchandise from the 2024 edition, where can I find it?

A selection of products sold at the festival is available in our shop: https://www.hellfestshop.com/gb/