Hellfest Productions Office thanks the whole volunteers teams including Animaje’ one which participate a lot to the success of the festival through the years. the festival would never be as it is nowadays without these amazing teams. To be noticed that Animaje is since the beginning our best support and that Ben was himself a member of Animaje younger. Since years, Hellfest Productions and Animaje offer solutions for local youngs to go on summer vacations. We salute and thanks them again!

[Animaje association is a youth socio educational structure with the “Jeunesse et Education populaire” agreement. This agreement, a volonteer and activist past hommage, is right on the place to an educational project and respect values which define of our action. Animaje as created on solidarity values, sharing, chance equality, improving of the individual by collective actions, non gender discrimination or social or religious ones and raising collective interest before personal ones. Sum up of their project : Consider the youth as a provider to raise not as a social problem to maange]

I’d like to be volunteer?
– We only study associations proposal (1901 law) composed by 5 adults at minima, official members of this association. We do not enroll volunteer one by one but if you are locals, contact Animaje.

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