The 3 days pass sale is now over, the next date for 1 day pass sale will be released during 2019.

There is a half price for under 17 yo. These tickets will be sold at the festival only, the child must be accompagnied by a member of his family who has his own pass. Without a relative, the minor must show an attestation signed by the legal parent giving the authority to an adult. Without this document, no half price must be bought. No reservation, it could be done at the site. No worries, there will be half price tickets even if the festival is sold out. No need to ask before.

Hellfest is free for under 12 yo!

Hellfest’s official ticket sale is now Weezevent. Never post your bar code on social media or you risk to be hacked.

We have finally finalized our agreements with www.ticketswap.com the only reseller site approved by Hellfest.

This site secures Hellfest 1 day and 3 day tickets that will be sold through the Secure Swap.

HOW IT WORKS: https://www.ticketswap.fr/how-does-it-work

For information, tickets that were sold before this day, will be secured manually. Ticketswap will write you directly.


Be careful, don’t feed the black market!

This sold in second hand platform creates a new bar code ticket and guarantees 100% secure transactions.
The new ticket will only be accessible by the new owner only and nobody else.
This third part faithfull service guarantees the right price of the tickets sold and a mediation service in case of need
The price of the ticket can not be higher than its real price.

IMPORTANT : Be careful not to go at online non official seler such as Viagogo!

Where can I access the infos about the tickets, the personnalisation of it, asking for activation of my cancel option, etc
– Please reach us at [email protected]

How can I reach the transports infos included in my pack?
– All the infos will be sent by the transport partner by e-mail

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