Is there a preferential rate for on-site ticketing?

– Under-12s, admission is free.
– Under-17s, admission is half-price
The age taken into account is the one on the day of the festival.

Caution: A parent can only show up with one child only (regardless of age).

The minor must be accompanied by a parent with a pass for at least the same day. Both will be required to provide proof of identity.

In the case of a different surname, please bring a copy of the other parent’s family booklet or attestation to substantiate your parentage.

If the adult is not one of the parents, he will need a handwritten attestation giving him responsibility. The complete contact details of the parents must be included in addition to those of the referring adult.

We remind you of the special character of such an event (large areas, crowd movements, alcohol consumption, decibels, etc.). The child must be under the permanent supervision of the referring adult ensuring his or her safety throughout the festival. It is essential for minors to be equipped with hearing protection.

Production reserves the right to refuse entry to a child if the conditions are not met.


Is my ticket valid to enter the festival?

Only tickets purchased on the festival platform website or on Ticketswap, official resale platform, will be accepted at the entrance, without any possible discussion.

If your smartphone does not have a good quality to scan your ticket, please print it on blank A4 paper. Partially printed, soiled, dirty, damaged or illegible tickets will be considered invalid.

Hellfest Productions is not do not have to check the authenticity of the printable ticket at home, since as the copy of the ticket cannot be detected with certainty; only the person presenting the ticket for the first time, will be allowed to access the festival


Where can I sell my ticket safely?

The only website authorized to  provide you with a valid ticket guarantee for the festival is Ticketswap. Go to https://www.ticketswap.fr/hellfest and follow the steps. It is possible to sell your ticket to an acquaintance, by selecting “private sale” and enter his email, when publishing your ad.

Ticketswap Sales Support


How do I activate my Refund option?

When buying online, check the Refund option for each desired ticket.

You can activate your Refund option without any justification whatsoever from November 18, 2019 to May 15, 2020 in order to be reimbursed for the price of the ticket. All you have to do is to click on the following link:

Remboursement: Billetterie Weezevent


I have posted a photo of my ticket on social media, I have lost my ticket, what to do?

Your ticket is valuable, unique and personal. It is neither exchangeable nor transferable nor refundable (excepting if you have taken the Refund option). The Purchaser shall be liable in the event of loss, theft or unlawful use of its ticket(s).


For any problem with your order, contact us : billetterie(at)hellfest.fr

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