This year again, special transports services Douillard, newly renamed MonAmiligo, are the official Hellfest’s shuttles.


Clisson train stationc           <-> Hellfest
Clisson                                    <-> Clisson
Nantes airport                       <-> Hellfest
Nantes train station (accès sud – Southern entrance )   <-> Hellfest

Important : For transfers from/to Nantes train station, SNCF trains (which are faster and cheaper) are to best option. Shuttles from the Nantes train station will start once the regular rail traffic stops.


  • From Nantes

For all the transfers from Nantes, the booking is mandatory :

Nantes airport <-> Hellfest
Nantes train station (accès sud – Southern entrance)  <-> Hellfest (if there is no train)

Service soon active, stay connected!

  • Other transfers

At the Clisson train station, the shuttle will be available at each train arrival without any booking.

At the end of the show, outside the Hellfest site, the shuttle will be available without any booking, for the transfer back to Nantes.

The shuttle is also available from the festival site for any other transfer to Clisson. For any other type of transfer, you can directly contact us by phone.


Clisson train station <-> Hellfest 2€ per person and per transfer (day and night)
No minimum number of people required

Clisson <-> Clisson

Nantes Airport <-> Hellfest 10€ for a day transfer (from 7am to 8pm)
15€ for a night transfer (from 8pm to 7am)

minimum of 5 people per shuttle

Nantes train station <-> Hellfest

Clisson <-> Any other destination Prices on demand


Mail : [email protected]

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