Good to know

Some practical infos to read obviously before coming

What kind of stuff are allowed on the site ?
– All type of cameras
– Chairs & inflatable beds are totally forbidden in front of the gigs !!

Is there a Lost and Found stand?
– All items found at the festival (campsite included) will be brought at the Lost and Found area at the Hell City Square. After the festival, these items will be in the Town Hall of Clisson’hands.

Auditive protections are obligatory?
– They are recommended and you will be able to obtain ones at the Info Point inside the concert area

Is there bank ATM?
– Yes as always inside the spot but also in Clisson’s city and near the Leclerc. But Cashless system is asked almost everywhere on the festival

Charge points for phone are available?
– You can rent a charger with a deposit or buy it for ever

Can I give my own flyer on the site?
– No it’s totally forbidden to distribute flyers, there is risk of forfeiture of your stuff and we can cut your wristband.

Are the animals allowed?
– No, no where

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