Are offered numerous stands for foods at the site and Metal Corner too, sweet savory meals, from the simple part of fries to elaborate delicious meals. We always stood for a various diversity of specialities to feed you and to propose many bars all over the festival (Beers, special beers, soft, wines).

Each year, we offer you the opportunity to vote for your favorite food stand. Go vote!


Can I use my Cashless account to pay the food?
– You can pay the food only with the Cashless system

I’m a vegetarian/vegan, is there any food stand for me?
– Of course, Hellfest has many choices for you too

Plastic cups are the only way to drink ?
– Yes, you need to buy yours first

How to buy them?
– At your first drink, you’ll be charged with 1€ and you’ll be given a cup

Can I give it back for money?
– No but it’s a real nice memory to bring home

Can I come with my own food?
– Yes but glass and metal packaging are not allowed

Can I come with my own drink?
– No, never

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