A campsite will be available for free : a big space near the fest for every owners of Hellfest’s tickets.

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This campsite will be open till thursday June 20th (Hours – tbc) and you must have your Hellfest’s ticket before entry as the campsite will be open on thursday only for 3 days pass and friday Hellfest’s tickets. The sunday’s owners can access the campsite at 10am on sunday and so on for saturday’s owners.

WARNING ! This campsite is available only for Hellfest’s tickets owners!

Can I bring unlimited food and drink (alcohol included)?
– Yes ! But please, don’t leave any bottle left

Is the campsite lit all night?
– Yes !

Is wild camping allowed?
– Wild camping is strictly forbidden. The police can ask for you to leave.

Is there free access to water (drinking/cleaning)?
– In the campsite, to have access to water points you must buy a “water credit”. Valid for 4 days, this bracelet gives you unlimited access to showers and sinks. On the festival site, water points are free.

Can I park my car in the campsite?
– No, this would go against the security regulations and would be too complicated logistically.

Can I use a generator? Can I use a gas burner or a barbecue?
– No, it is strictly forbidden. The same prohibition applies to any flammable liquids or materials on the campsite (petrol, burning alcohol, firewood).

Can I use my camping stuff on the site?
– No camping chair will be allowed this year on the site. If you have back problems, take a tripod not to disturb the others festivalgoers watching the show.

What do I do with my rubbish?
– Bin bags are handed out on entrance to the campsite Thursday and all throughout the weekend, you can ask an Anima’Green attendant for more. Large dumpsters are on site for you to put your rubbish bags into.

Is there a reward system for recycling / sorting rubbish?
– You will get a drink token for every bag ready and sorted for recycling!

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