FALLEN LILLIES (Tremplin Voice Of Hell)

day and time
10:30 - 11:00
Mainstage 2
Heavy rock - Garage
Montbéliard - France

About the artist

FALLEN LILLIES (Tremplin Voice Of Hell)

We are 4 young women in our twenties, ready to show the world that we’re not part of the decor. We’re from a small region of France, on the border of Switzerland, but we’re ready to take over the world.

We’re definitely neither perfect, nor soon-to-be ‘wives’ (with everything it means). That’s what we wanted to express by chosing FALLEN LILLIES. With songs like S.T.U.R.M. (Sexier Than U R Mother) or Desperate Youth, we try to throw out the window all the expectations and prejudices related to the role of women. Far from being ‘Angels of the House’, we worship a rock and ‘underground’ lifestyle.

Our sound is distorted and overdriven, inspired by the heavy rock scene that we incense.

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