3SC4PE 7H3 C0D3



Since the beginning of the year, Hellfest brings its festivalgoerand fans onto a new theme for this 14th edition. Tricky games, codes, mysterious pics, so many riddles that real fans managed to crack to discove clues, dates, bands. Climax of this story telling, one 10 minutes short film where everybody is guided to underline the thruth about everyhting.

“Searching for his dad missing, the young Colin Andrews is having new clues about a mysterious heritage. Clues, plans and a curious pics camera will bring him to a thruth quest catching him”

In close collab with CLACK to create this complete universe and its partner Roméo & Fils for this intriguing short movie, Hellfest share its meatl music passion via this fantastic adventure. Metaml fans are no gender, no social class catagorized. Once a year, they leave their daily routine to gather at Clisson all together. Believes ands codes about metal culture created and generated this particular strong nature of this union, far away al these other musical movements lovers. This year, it was important for us to tell a story about the the strong link between fans and metal music, in this metaphoric si-fi fairytale.

The Hellfest’s 14th edition will attempt on June 21, 22 and 23 – 2019 at Clisson. « 3SC4P3 7H3 C0D3 », slogan of this next edition, is here a way to escape our daily routine and break the codes. Indeed, Ben Barbaud and his teams, as always, don’t take a break. Trust, faithfull, passion of you fans are so many reasons to strenghtened their will to do better, to evolve, to innove for surprise you even more.

Hellfest looks forward to see you on Monday 26 November 2018 to the announcement of the famous 14th edition

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