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Credentials request


To apply for accreditation, follow the steps below.

  • Choose the desired day or days and confirm your choice by clicking on NEXT*,
  • Enter the last name, first name and e-mail of the person to be accredited.
  • Note the name of your media in COMPANY and do not forget to indicate all useful information about your promotion of the festival in the space left free for this purpose.

It is possible to file an application for another person, so you must note its details so that the accreditation is in his name and he can track the progress of this application by email.

After checking your entry on the next page, you just need to validate. You will receive a deposit confirmation on the entered email.

Once the VIP/Press Team has decided on this request, an email will then be automatically sent as well.

Please do not file a duplicate application, it would be systematically deleted.

The credentials are registered and you will be asked for an ID at the VIP/Press entrance in addition to your ticket. If you do not meet these conditions, you will be denied access to the festival.
*The amount of the VIP entry you wish to pay will be communicated to you after validation of your request