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Do not complete an application for certification if you are independent photographers or if you depend of an agency and you are not working for a media that is committed to producing a report on the 2014 edition of the festival. We will not consider your request and it will therefore be refused automatically.

Cameras will be controlled and listed at the press reception of the festival. So if you do not have professional equipment, your accreditation will be denied at the entrance. If nevertheless a certified person is controlled in the photographer pit with non-professional material, his accreditation will be confiscated by security and the person will be removed from the pit.

To proceed to the accreditation application, you must agree with this :

If our press manager entitles you an accreditation, you commit yourself to provide, depending on the type of media you represent, a copy of :

- The broadcastings on a CD-Rom (mp3 file) or on a tape
(deadline : 3rd november 2014)

- The totality of the pictures published on a we transfert / ftp. The photograph has to send 1 good pix ( HD ) free to exploitate at Hellfest
(deadline : 14th july 2014)

- All articles signed from you or your agency (PDF file) by mail or CD-Rom
(deadline : 3rd november 2014)

- All radio and tv shows about the festival, on DVD or videotape (SP Pal or VHS)
(deadline : 3rd november 2014)

- All electronic pages about the festival (Html file), by mail or CD-Rom
(deadline : 3rd november 2014)

 The Festival Team commits itself not to use the documents without your agreement. 

Your file lust be sent to :

promo[at] + alexxx[at]
(the mail address will be available from the 20nd of June) 


Hellfest Productions


La petite fosse à l'âne

49270 Le Fuilet


If you accept these conditions, and don't send your files after 2014 festival, your future accreditations requests will be refused.

For any question : contact us through the contact form, option "press" (no accreditation application will be taken into consideration through the contact form).  All incomplete files will not be handled!!! 

First answers will be given around mid-April… If you are several journalists for the same media, please fill a form for each of them…

Accreditations requests will be closed on the 15th of May 2014. After this date, we will not answer to your request.