9 June 2017

For a decade now, the Hellfest and its local partners try to find innovating solutions in waste recycling during the festival.

Thus, the pooling of resources between the Clisson’s ANIMA’GREEN (Animaje association), Ghetto Art and Hellfest was a true success with a 47% rate of waste recycling in 2016 (33,5% in 2015). Our goal for the edition : 50%! It’s up to everybody!

This success is yours and we are thrilled and proud to say that the Hellfest has the best audience ever!

The quality of our teams’ work is strengthened by a more and more responsible behavior of yours. Bringing back your trash bags to the waste sorting points on the campsite, you make easier the volunteers work and you improve the right image of Hellfest. Our festival goers are more and more sensitive to environmental issues… Which make the campsite and the festival’s spot each year cleaner.

To encourage that behavior, the Hellfest and ANIMA’GREEN organize a big lottery at the campsite!

to win : 4 HELLFEST PASS 2018 (first gain)

to participate : just bring back your waste in separate bags, you’ll be given a Cashless credit for a drink and a lottery ticket.

advice : The more you participate, the more you gain tickets and indeed, the more you have another chance to win. Fiind a hellish name and create your team : 1 name + 1 e mail + 1 phone number = 1 team

Good luck y’all and a huge than you for the participation !