7 June 2016

For 10 years now, the Hellfest and its partners have worked on finding innovative ways to collect and treat the waste which is produced during the festival.
Our collaboration with the ANIMA’GREEN team from Clisson (the Animaje association) has allowed us to break records in terms of waste recycling: 22% of the overall waste was processed in 2014, compared to 18% in 2013. Our goal for the 2015 edition is 30%… Who’s with us !?

We have your to thank for the success of the precedent years! We are proud to have the best audience in France! You have shown increasing concern for the cleanliness of the site over the years by helping us reduce the festival’s impact on the environment.
In order to encourage you to do even better this year, the Hellfest and ANIMA’GREEN have organized a huge lottery in the campsite!

FOUR 2017 HELLFEST PASSES TO BE WON !!! (First prize)
You’ll just need to bring your sorted garbage bags at the “waste deposit” stand once you’ve filled them up! Each time you bring one bag, you’ll be given drink credit and a lottery ticket.

Here’s our piece of advice: the more bags you bring us, the more tickets you get! That means more chances for you to win one or several 2017 Hellfest passes! So team up!

1 name + 1 email address + 1 telephone number = 1 TEAM !!! (You can already think of a name for you team !!)

Good luck to you all, and thanks for your participation!