14 May 2018

Hellbangers! 40 days left till the festival and we come back to you to inform you about some moves in the 13th edition’s running order. We had to face some little mishaps but be reassured : we always do our best to satisfy our fans and make this experience at Clisson a major one!

We’ve announced few weeks ago that ELECTRIC MARY were performing at Mainstage 1 : MOS GENERATOR will wake you up on friday 22th instead.

And about the cancellation of 7 Seconds ; the french SVINKELS looks forward to see you instead at WARZONE stage.
The last move that day will be the switch between the Americans CROWBAR with the Japanese CHURCH OF MISERY (all details at

At WARZONE stage, HATEBREED will perform later on Saturday 23th and make way to CRO-MAGS.

WARNING : the biggest moves occur on sunday 24th. Feel free to read carefully about the changes written here and above (RO last version).

All the schedules are flipped between the Mainstage 1 and 2 ALL day on Sunday. The L7 « riot grrrl » will perform at Mainstage 1 to warm you up and following the cancellation of YOUNG AND IN THE WAY, the new yorkers TOMBS will perform instead on Temple stage.

At last, the quartet ROTTEN SOUND switches with THE LURKING FEAR, at the Altar stage.

We highly encourage you to read the new running order to avoid the deception!

We know crystal clear that every modification at this time can be upsetting. Each year, we have to manage all the last minute mishaps. We hope that all of this does not affect your Clisson’s metal experience!

We’d like to finish it off with an announcement dear to our heart : The big winner of our 3rd edition of the Hellfest springboard : THE VOICE OF HELL Powered by RIFFX are the lorraine REDEMPTION, they stood out and they will have the opportunity to perform at Mainstage 2 on Saturday 23th jun at 10:30am. We encourage you to come with us headbang to support them, they are young and highly motivated!

Thanks y’all for the support, see you soon!

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