18 March 2016

The pre-order platform “Cashless 2016” is open.  We remind you that since 2015, the Hellfest replaced the historical “tokens” by a magnetic card system named Cashless. This card allows you to buy your drinks on the festival and to buy food at our 3 “Hellfest snack” spots.  You can’t use your cahsless system on our Extrem Market / hellfest merchandise or any others stands.

Important to note that this year we’ve improved that system ; you can now credit your Cashless card in 1, 2 or 3 times but you can also associate your Cashless card to your online account on the Hellfest’s application to credit it and easily consult your balance. We invite you to consult our platform if you want to learn more about the Cashless system and to be informed of what’s new : If you don’t find the answer of your question, please send an email at Cashless cards will be found at the festival and you’ll be able to credit them on the spot. During the festival, you’ll find Information hubs at your disposal for any questions or to guide you on the Cashless system.

No Cash in Hell #cashless

NB : If your Cashless card 2015 is credited, you can use it on the spot but it’s not possible to associate it to your mobile account! Important to note that your Cashless card 2015 won’t be allowed to be used in 2017.