30 March 2016

Hellfest Production team will live tweets a QA session on Twitter on April 11th from 6PM to 7PM. (#ASKHF)

All the Crew members will be reunited to answer any questions about the festival, the 11th edition or the festival’s future. As we want our exchange to take place under the best possible conditions, please note the moderation rules below. If you don’t respect one of those rules, your question won’t be valid and we won’t be able to answer you. Please note too that if we are overwhelmed by a mountain of questions, we will choose the more interesting ones. Be creative!

MODERATION RULES (required to participate)

-Questions asked only on Twitter (NOT Facebook, the forum, Instagram)
-Required Hashtag mentioned at the beginning or at the end : #ASKHF
-The under account taken questions will be the ones posted between 6 and 7 PM only (don’t ask them early)
-One question by Twitter account (prepare yours and be concise)
-In French or English only (we will answer the same way)
-Of course, we ban incitement to hatred in general, insulting tweets and other slander.
Save the date the 11 of april 2016 from 6PM for the live tweet with the Crew @hellfestopenair !

The running order is ready, we are waiting some last bands confirmation…we will annunce it really soon !