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30 May 2016



“We’re an honest band, no gimmicks, just music.”Tom Searle – 02/04/2016




You will play at Hellfest for the second time next June. What do you think about Hellfest?

We have good memories of Hellfest. I’m slightly intimidated by how “metal” the festival is, but I think we should fit in alright these days. We’re a metal band, right? I know we don’t have long hair and wear leather etc., but I’m 99% sure we’re a metal band.


Do you remember your gig the last time you played at Hellfest, in 2011? What kind of memory do you have?

I remember being tired because I spent the whole night before watching our driver falling asleep at the wheel. I feel like the crowd was a little cold last time. I know that’s not what I’m supposed to say, but it’s true! I think it’ll be better this time.


For the festival fans that don’t already know you, would you please introduce your band, in a few words?

We’re Architects, errrr…we’re a metal band (I’m 99% sure), from the UK. If you really want to know about us, then I’d advise listening to the music, (which from this page I reckon you could access in around 10 seconds, depending on your wifi) rather than reading this interview.


About your lyrics, what are the main themes you explore and why?

Political, spiritual, environmental. Why? Because they’re important to us.


What are your main musical influences?

Hard question for a band that has been going for 10 years. I try not to be too directly influenced by anyone at this point, I just want to be our own band. But we worship Meshuggah, so there’s probably some influence there.


What do you think about the metalcore scene?

I think it’s pretty weak. A serious lack of any bands with any innovation or identity.


What are your 5 best albums ever released?

Jesus, that’s a big question. Okay, here’s some off the top of my head.

Tool – Lateralus

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

Nirvana – Nevermind

Meshuggah – Koloss

Sigur Ros – Takk


Talking about your last record, do you think Lost Forever // Lost Together represents a natural progression or do you think it’s better than anything you’ve previously released?

I don’t think that’s a question of one or the other. It’s both a natural progression and better than anything we’ve previously released.


According to you, what makes Lost Forever // Lost Together a good record?

All killer, no filler!!!


Lost Forever // Lost Together is louder and seems angrier and more outspoken than your previous releases. Did any recent experiences with the band contribute to that?

No, I don’t think so. We just progressed. It’s hard to put your finger on it. Every time we make a record we give it everything and hope we make something we can be proud of. With Lost Forever // Lost Together the stars aligned and we made the best record we could at that moment in time.



What are your plans for the rest of this year?

We’re going to be touring a whole bunch, playing a load of festivals, heading to Australia and America. The usual stuff!


Back to Hellfest topics now! What do you think of Hellfest 2016’s line up?

The line-up looks pretty huge to me. Rammstein are always worth a watch. In fact there’s a bunch of bands I’d check out. Gojira have a new record coming out at some point, hopefully we’ll hear some songs from that. I love that band.


You will play on the Warzone, please have a look at the running order.

It’s a seriously heavy line up! Harm’s way, All Pigs Must Die, Converge! That’s pretty damn serious! Sharing a stage with Converge isn’t something Architects has ever done, so that’s a bit of an honour. We’re all long time fans of Converge.


What would you say to Hellfest crowds who have never seen Architects performing live in order to convince them to come and join your gig?

I probably wouldn’t say anything. I’m no good at selling our band. I just like playing guitar and writing songs. If they check out our band and like it, then they should come see us. We’re an honest band, no gimmicks, just music. Hopefully they’d appreciate that.


Do you have one last word for Hellfest fans?

I hope you all have an amazing time at Hellfest! See you there!


Interview: Keuf

E-mail 02:04/2016

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“It’s cool that we’re playing at Hellfest because this is different than what we’re used to” – Brendan Yates – La Mécanique Ondulatoire, Paris – 11/28/2015


How’s the current tour going so far?

Daniel Fang (drums): It’s great! It’s been awesome so far. All shows have been very good. We’ve played in many cities and venues we had never played before with Turnstile. So it’s been really exciting and everyone’s been full of energy.


It’s been some kind of a hectic day for you, which made you arrive very late at the venue. But despite the tight schedule, you decided to walk to Le Bataclan before the show…

Daniel: There was a lot of traffic at the boarder (to get to France from Belgium) and we just sat there for an hour, pretty much… But when we got here, we did go to Le Bataclan and saw the memorials, the pictures, the candles, the messages people left there. And it was very emotional.


Going there was something very important for you?

Daniel: Yeah, absolutely. Actually, as a band, playing a venue… Le Bataclan was a venue for touring bands and… It kind of hit home a little bit. No one’s immune from various forms of terror. I’m glad we did go and experience it even though it was very sad.


Cancelling today’s show in Paris was never an option?

Daniel:Obviously, we did think about that and we talked about it for a while on this tour. Like we considered the option of cancelling, maybe because we feel responsible for anything that happens – because we bring all these kids to that venue… What if anything happens?  What if they get hurt? But there is also the option of… We can play despite the fear and the environment created by the attacks a couple of weeks ago. And we can play even though some bands might be weary of that and feel persuaded not to, you know? So it’s kind of exciting to bring a bunch of kids out and have them express themselves and have a good time at the show…. And not be afraid and maybe express like an act of defiance against Isis or any groups that would/wanna install fear and keep things like this from happening, you know?


To you, what are the main differences between US and European crowds?

Daniel: There’s definitely a language barrier! (laughs) But there are superficial barriers. Maybe they like different bands, speak a different language or dress differently but I think everyone comes for the same reason. No matter where you are in the world, in Europe or in the United States, everyone is there for some sort of expression and for some love of music. So that is some kind of cross-cultural.


Nonstop Feeling was releasing a while ago. Are you still up there to promote it or has your mind already switched to the new record?

Daniel: Well, I guess we’re still touring of/off this album but right before we got on the plane to come to Europe, we recorded 3 new songs – one of them is a cover though – for a 7 inch that’s gonna come out in 2016 . So we’re definitely excited about that music but it’s not gonna be out for a while so we’re still supporting that album, Nonstop Feeling and it’s really cool to play Europe again. People are excited – maybe they heard it on the last tour or when we played the festivals over the summer. Some people are coming out and hearing the songs of the album for the first time so it’s like so new to people even though it’s been out for a while for us.


What about your next album? Should we expect something somehow similar to Nonstop Feeling – a rather diverse effort – or will you try to maybe focus more on one side of your influences?

Daniel:I think we will explore whatever everyone within the band think is cool. So that might be something diverse again because we like a lot of different things. It’s not like conscious, it’s just a reflection of what we’re listening to and feeling. It’s not supposed to appeal to anyone and to go to a certain particular direction. But it’s not gonna be J-Pop or anything though!

Franz Lyons (bass): We’ll just be walking our own path. Doing our own thing.


Is there a band on the scene that you see as a model?

Franz: Angel Dust.

Daniel: Yeah, Angel Dust and King Nine. They are definitely two of the most influential bands for us. They are friends and they continue to do very cool stuffs in their own direction. There’s nothing more inspirational than that, doing something new and original. And coming out really cool.


How did you come up with Turnstile as a name for the band?

Daniel: It’s really simple: it’s taken from a Hot Water Music song.


What is the music like in the tourbus at the moment? Any record you play a lot?

Franz: There’s a lot of stuffs I hear at the moment, so many different stuffs.

Daniel: We listen to Fear, Embrace, Beach House, Regulate… These are just a few. And that represents quite a wide spectrum.


What’s the main quality to be part of Turnstile?

Daniel: No stress! (laughs)


Backtracks also plays at Hellfest 2016 and they are friends of yours. What question should I ask them if I were to interview them?

Brendan Yates (vocals): I don’t know if you know this but James (Vitalo – Backtrack – vocals) is a cop. So just ask him why he never talks about it. (smiles)


So Hellfest now. What do you know about that festival?

Brendan: I’ve been there once, in 2009. I saw a lot of cool bands. I saw Cro-Mags, Kickback, Skinless, Terror… I even saw Marilyn Manson playing. Really cool festival and definitely one of the biggest festivals I’ve been to in terms of number of people. It was a straight see of people. It’s even bigger now so it’s cool that we’re playing because this is different than what we’re used to. The line-up’s really cool and we’re playing the same day than Black Sabbath, which is cool too. Do you actually have the daily line-up?


I didn’t take it with me but here’s the line-up of the Warzone the day you play. Have a look. Any band you like?

Brendan: I love Power Trip. Hey, Ratos de Porao. Backtrack’s playing on the same day than us, that’s right. That’s gonna be cool.

Daniel: Backtrack is a cool band and we’re friends with them. We’re friends with Walls Of Jericho as well. We did the Persistence Tour with them and that was fun.


To conclude, could you finish that sentence for me “This is a story I have never told before and I probably shouldn’t but…”

… I don’t think I have one… And I don’t want to go to jail, you know… (smiles)


Interview: Wombat.

La Mécanique Ondulatoire – 11/28/2015.

Many thanks to Anna (United Talent) and Johan (tour manager).