Interview WORMED

16 January 2018


Phlegeton (vocals) & Migueloud (guitar) Friday 16 June 2017

« Death metal has to be brutal and angry » – Phlegeton



How the hell are you?

Phlegeton: We are amazed! We just played, we were amazed by the people, it felt good!

Migueloud: It’s happened very quickly!

Phlegeton:  We arrived this morning at half past ten from Spain. We basically didn’t get any sleep and after this we go to the States to play.


Was this your biggest crowd you’ve ever played to?

Phlegeton:  I think so!

Migueloud:  It was the biggest I think. It was amazing. If it’s a concert you play a concert, it doesn’t matter how many people there are but if you look out front and there’s all these people… it impacts you!

Phlegeton:  It was scary at first but then we got into.


What I love about Wormed is the depth of the arrangement. How did you get such a powerful sound?

Migueloud:  It’s the magic of the combination of a good tone and technique. We know what we want. We want big bold sounds and over the top distortion. We try to be as tight as possible.

Phlegeton:  Tonight was good too because the sound tech was amazing so we could really enjoy ourselves.


What inspires you to write music that has so many layers?

Migueloud:  It’s a way to destress ourselves. We love 90s death metal and the early Cryptopsy and Immolation albums and of course we have the touches of black metal. The music has to be massive and reflect the work we put into it.


How does music destress you?

Migueloud:  I think music relaxes you because you feel the struggles of life going away. We all deal with shit every day and if you play good technical death metal you feel really free. If you connect with the people that’s really top. That’s all there is too it.


How do you feel about the technical death metal scene today?

Phlegeton:  I don’t hear very much to be honest! I’m tired of a lot of the bands. They play really well, they have great technique but I miss the great riffs. It’s not as dark and evil, and this is what we love about death metal. It has to be brutal and angry. It’s the angry side of death metal. They play fast songs but it’s kind of happy. It doesn’t have any darkness.

Migueloud:  What are you trying to represent? The melodies aren’t there.

Phlegeton:  I respect it but I’m not into it.

Migueloud:  But then we love bands like Animals As Leaders.

Phlegeton:  But that’s different!

Migueloud:  Exactly! If they tried to play death metal we all would have to quit the technical death metal scene! We couldn’t keep up!


Why does the music have to be evil?

Phlegeton:  Because it’s death metal! You can’t just listen to it. The people who created it in the past were really angry, and you have to express that with the music. For me death metal has to be evil, dark and get me to feel those things. I want something evil and dark. These kinds of things.


Where does your anger come from?

Migueloud: I’m not angry. It’s not real anger at least. When you perform it’s more about the energy! It’s like an extreme sport. It’s the side of extreme sports that makes you rage.

Phlegeton: It’s not just that. It’s a feeling different from other people. When you are tired of life and society you play that. Some people play punk and hardcore, we play death metal. The death metal people talk about evil things.

Migueloud:  Everybody involved is very cool. They aren’t angry at all. It’s like punk and hardcore, there’s meaning behind it. You have to bring in the darkness with the riffs and the screams.


Why do you play death metal instead of punk or hardcore?

Phlegeton:  I used too! I love it. But in my case I started to listen to punk and hardcore but I wanted something more. I loved that music but I needed something more and when I discovered death metal with Death for me it was like “This is the music I want to listen too for all of my life and to play.” That was the moment.

Migueloud:  You choose your path and you know from the first second. It takes you!

Phlegeton:  It’s there for you. That’s the feeling that I have.

Migueloud:  We all listen to a lot of styles. We aren’t just doing that. We have side projects and other bands, but it’s more about the sense you get with extreme music.


What do you love so much about music?

Migueloud:  What I like most is to perform and to spend time with the fans. I love music so it’s easy for me.

Phlegeton:  I like to be a part of making the songs come to being. When you start off with the genre you might be the only death metal guy you know, but then your community starts to grow and then you wind up somewhere like Hellfest. It’s insane! Everything is all together and it’s great.


Interview: Matt Bacon.