16 January 2018


Attila Vörös (guitar) Sunday 18 June 2017

« Music pumps me up and gives me positive energies which I want to share! » – Attila Vörös


How are you?

Very good thanks! This is actually my third Hellfest. I love this festival. It is by far one of my favorite festivals. I played here with Nevermore almost 7 years ago, and I was working here as a guitar tech for Mayhem and I got to hang out with Phil Anselmo and now I’m here with Sanctuary.


You have a couple tattoos I want to ask you about… where did the “Live Life Hard” one come from?

It’s a statement about how I feel about life. It comes from Suicide Silence’s “You only live once”! I was always attracted to the heaviness and the honesty of the band. It’s by far my favorite. I got to play a festival with them once back home in Hungary but you know, he died soon after.


You’ve had this really interesting life… when did you give it all up to do extreme music?

I never really had to make that choice. To me things just happen naturally. Ever since I grabbed a guitar I knew that this was my thing. I never did this because of girls, rock and roll or success. I don’t do it for that. I do it because I love it. Things have been treating me well. I was lucky. I played with a lot of bands I love. I got lucky with the Nevermore gig, that was a dream come true. For me Pantera is the number one band ever but then it’s Nevermore. In 2009 I got fed up with my old band so I decided to do something about myself. They wouldn’t come down for rehearsals, I bought all the gear, shit like that. So I decided to do something about my life. A few months later I found out Nevermore didn’t have a second guitarist so I figured “Why not record myself playing his parts?” and I sent them a letter through Myspace and they answered! That’s the long story short. I was 24 when I ended up playing with one of my all times favorite bands! I’m a lucky motherfucker.


So why play in Sanctuary?

Well of course the singer in Sanctuary is the singer in Nevermore. After Sanctuary broke up they formed Nevermore then after Nevermore broke up they reformed. They were asking me to do it and the timing was perfect just now so I get to do this.


So which was better, Sanctuary or Nevermore?

(laughter) I love both. It’s like apples and oranges. It first happened to me with Nevermore, I was younger then. I can chill more now. I can have a different kind of fun doing this, the appreciation is bigger now after so many years. I am grateful that I get to do this and with such people and bands. It’s a blessing.


Does it ever feel like a dream?

It always feels like a dream. Even now as I talk about it, it feels completely unnatural to me!


So obviously to play in these bands you have to be fucking good at guitar, how did you get so good?

I listened to a lot of Pantera! It’s not just about guitar playing. You have to have a certain personality. I’m an easy going guy, I like to hang out and talk and all that. That helped a lot. There are a lot of guitar players who can do this. To me it’s never about the technical stuff, to me that’s just a tool. To me it’s about the feelings and the vibe. I had so much fun doing it I just got better and better as time went by.


What do you try to communicate with your playing?

When I play a show, there is a connection between myself and the band and the audience. The energy is flowing, it pumps you up. It’s something I can really relate to and why I love doing the live shows. When I write something it’s an honest painting of myself. Those are my thoughts, my view of life. It’s my way of expressing myself.


What are you trying to share?

I truly believe in small communities. You have to make everybody around you happier. That’s what I believe. If I get to share this with more people that’s cool but I don’t want to be the kind of person who preaches. I want to do it in an honest way and make everyone I know happier. Ever since I was 11 it has always been about that.


What do you love so much about music?

If I hear something truly honest and cool it just moves me. It’s an inner thing. It pumps me up and gives me positive energies which I want to share!


Interview: Matt Bacon.