19 March 2018


Jun-His (guitar & vocals)

E-mail interview– Thursday February 15, 2018

“Music starts where words end”


So how did it feel to get the call to play Hellfest?

Nice to go back. It’s one of the few bigger metal festivals that I enjoy a lot. Lot of people in France seems to appreciate what we are doing so feels right in many ways to perform in Hellfest.


What do you think of this year’s lineup?

As usual, it has everything that a person who is into heavier music would want to see. You can stay in 1 or 2 smaller stages and see some really interesting underground extreme or experimental metal acts. Or go see Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Couldn’t ask more from a metal fest.


Have any of you attended Hellfest in years past? What did you think of it?

We played there 2012 with Oranssi Pazuzu and though the visit was brief enjoyed a lot. Same when I was there playing guitar for Grave Pleasures in 2016 I believe.


Are you planning anything special for the festival?

I bet there is going to be more improvised pieces in the set and maybe something more special. We will see.


This will be one of the biggest shows ever for Oranssi Pazuzu – how do you think you will adapt to the larger stage and unique setup?

It’s one of the biggest yes, but we did Roadburn MainStage last year and it’s a big stage. But for sure It’s always more challenging at outdoor fests to get into the atmosphere. I would say if we get into our black hypnosis, it will be spreading to audience like an infection.


What are you most looking forward to at the festival itself outside of performing?

Jun-His: Maiden, Priest, Dälek, Jessica93, At the Gates, Watain. At least those.


What do you think made Värähtelijä such a breakout release for you guys? 

Jun-His: I think we managed to focus a lot of our long-time ideas about trance, hypnosis and mysteries of the consciousness into a single record the best we had done so far. Also melting of jam and written parts was pretty good in that one. I want us to do a better one next though. And a different one.


You’ve been more productive in the last couple of years than at any other point in your musical careers, why? 

We always want things to proceed in music’s terms. It’s a period for us that new ideas start spawning without having to have too long pauses or stop to think what the hell are we doing.


If you could change something you did with the last EP as a whole, what would it be?

I would change a lot of things in everything we have done. But records are documentations of the band in that moment of time. You do your best at the time and when its mixed and mastered, that’s it. No point in dwelling the past, but to towards new sources of artistic expression.


Have you started work on the next album? If so – what direction do you think you are going to take?

Not yet actually. But we are working on this new piece together with Dark Buddha Rising. Its commissioned piece of music with visuals as well for Roadburn 2018. Called Waste of Space Orchestra. An hour of original music with 10 players on stage. I think it’s the most ambitious composing any of us has ever done and could prove out to be really special. Really excited about it. After we get that done, we go for the Oranssi Pazuzu album. I have some ideas for it in store, but the proper work hasn’t still started.


After having so rapidly developed a huge name for yourself, do you feel pressure for the development of this next record? 

No. I think we have now established ourselves and people wait what we offer next, but that shouldn’t change anything we do at rehearsal place or in studio. We continue as before. Thinking about art. Bands get fucked and their music gets fucked if they start to think what is expected from them.


Aside from Hellfest, what are you most looking forward to in 2018?

Our Waste of Space Orchestra in Roadburn 2018. Also couple of other festivals coming up. And to start doing to new Oranssi Pazuzu material.


What do you love so much about music?

I think it’s the most abstract art form. Sounds coming into your brain and you start forming moods, atmospheres, scenarios, pictures in your head. It’s like magic. Amazing! At best you can really share some universal ideas with other people. The kind of ideas that there are no words that can describe them. Music starts where words end.


Do you have any final words of wisdom for me?




Interview: Matt Bacon.