16 January 2018


Nicolas Foucaud (guitar & vocals) – Friday 16 June 2017

« Being here is a very big thing for us » – Nicolas Foucaud


How the hell are you?

I’m very good! The atmosphere is so cool, Hellfest is the place to be. It’s an honor to be here, there aren’t many bands that get these opportunities. The goal of course is still the main stage, but it’s still nice to have the recognition of the twelve years that we have worked on this project. Being here is a very big thing for us. You think about it and you realize that all these years of sacrifice are for this. It’s for people sharing the passion to work for this.


As a French band this is especially unique and special right?

For sure! I’m not from Alsace, I’m actually from near here. I’ve seen the festival growing. I remember when it was just Fury Fest, that was so many years ago now! When I was a young musician playing at Fury Fest was a dream for me. This festival is so much bigger so it’s really special as a French band!


Who are you looking forward to seeing this weekend?

Today I got to see Devin Townsend, that was fantastic. Red Fang was really cool to watch. Baroness is awesome, I’m looking forward to seeing them. Of course I want to see Clutch and Primus. Blue Oyster Cult should be cool as well. There’s so many!


Largely in the stoner rock world…

Sure! But I’m curious. I’m not a huge black metal fan for example so this kind of festival is a good place to experiment with this special scene and try to understand what makes people like this music, by seeing the godfathers of the style! I will try and take some time to see a few songs because I’m not a specialist but I’m curious. That will be cool. For the main stage, I think I will of course go to see Prophets Of Rage because I’m a huge Tom Morello fan. He’s one of my favorite guitarists ever. I’ll turn into a groupie if I get to meet him in the VIP area! (laughter) I probably won’t meet him, but you never know.


What brings you to stoner rock?

That’s a good question. I like the heaviness. This is the thing I like. In Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel we have a cerebral approach to it. I don’t like to play easy songs. I don’t like to play a song with two riffs. This isn’t what I like as a musician. I can listen to bands that do it very well but that’s not my vision of creating music. I like when the scene surprises me. That’s why I like Red Fang. They have many riffs in one song and change tempos within songs. The heaviness and attitude is what I love.


There’s obviously a bunch of French stoner rock bands, what sets you apart?

I don’t know if we’re completely in the stoner scene. We began that way but over the years we evolved. Our base is stoner, but the rest of our music is closer to metal and maybe prog, like Mastodon and Baroness. There are some great bands on the French scene though, like Mars Red Sky. I have every album and EP! I really dig them. I also love Hangmans Chair, it’s sludgier, but I really love them. It doesn’t matter. It’s a huge honor to be a part of this scene!


Does marijuana inform your music? I was always confused about that with your band…

None of us really smoke. I’m not fond of drugs in general. Drinking beer is enough for me. I don’t need that to find inspiration. It doesn’t interest me at all, I don’t even smoke cigarettes!


What do you love so much about music?

Expressing myself. I love the creative process. I like to make something from nothing. I like to be jamming on the guitar alone and sometimes you’re like “Oh this riff is cool” and then that leads to a song. Then you practice with the band and you play them your song. This is your first edition. Sometimes they agree right away and other times they don’t. You have to prove that the song deserves a chance. I’m lucky enough to have found four guys who have confidence in me. They always give the songs I write a chance. The most beautiful thing is the sharing process.



Interview: Matt Bacon.