Interview EXHUMED

16 January 2018

Slime (bass) Sunday 18 June 2017

« GhostbustersIt’s the fun good vibes of it. It’s a classic man! » – Slime


How does it feel to go from playing in your underground death metal band Coffin Dust to playing to thousands of people here?

It’s fucked man! I’m not used to it. I miss the intimacy of small shows sometimes. It’s exciting to walk out on a big stage and see a shit ton of people and everybody going nuts.


To some extent it’s a childhood dream!

Without a doubt. When I was a kid I wanted to be in a band. When I started making that happen in high school and then after I graduated when I got more involved I never thought I would play in front of a crowd like we did today. It was my biggest show ever without a doubt! It feels good!


You’re a tattoo artist in Philadelphia, is it weird to go from being a Ghostbusters obsessed tattoo artist in Philly to death metal lord?

I wouldn’t call it that by any means! (laughter) I know a lot of tattoo artists who are in bands and who tour a lot. We are all on the same fence!


When did the Ghostbusters fascination start?

When I was a kid. I got introduced as a young age, I’ve probably watched it a thousand times, if I have nothing to do I just throw it on. My favorite line is when they are in the library at the beginning about to see the library ghost for the first time and then Ray goes “Stop! Listen! You smell something?” (laughter) It’s so perfect and stupid. With that movie it’s the little things. You really have to pay attention to the background of it. The script had a lot to do with their chemistry as friends. That’s what made it work so well.


You’re obviously not the only metal musician super into that film, what is the tie with Ghostbusters and metal?

I think the fact that it involves the spookiness and the comedy and for the most part, at least the people I hang out with at metal shows, don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s the fun good vibes of it. It’s a classic man! Anybody that has grown up in our generation or before that has seen it at least once.


How has your other band, Coffin Dust been doing?

Good! We have six songs hashed out and eight or nine more coming along. We will probably do six of those and some songs from the demo I want to rerecord. I want to get us in the studio before the end of the year. We are slow going, the other guys have real jobs and stuff. It’s a slow process but we all love it and they make the time that they can for it. It’s killer man. Shows we’ve been getting offered recently have all been killer or bands we are buds with. It’s been a good ride!


What attracts people to Coffin Dust?

I don’t know! I didn’t know people were! I think, without trying to sound cocky, we stand out because we play west coast style metal like Exhumed or the bands that were on Razorback Records like Bloodfreak Frightmare and Ghoul.


I feel like Exhumed right now is bigger than ever, and death metal is having a resurgence, why?

Sometimes I feel like there’s trends in the scene and when people get bored of a certain trend they move on to a new one. There’s plenty of current death metal bands that have been going for a while but there’s definitely been a few that have come up in the past few years that were very exceptional and that’s put a fire under peoples asses. It took a couple of really killer bands to take something that has already been done and make it their own and take it a step forward.


For sure… like take Gatecreeper for instance! But what drew you to death metal?

It wasn’t cool at the time but I started getting into death metal when I was in high school when I heard Death, Obituary and Cannibal Corpse. Morbid Angel was big too. In early high school I had heard some death metal before but I made friends who exposed me to stuff like that and it was intense shit! Early high school is when I started sparking that interest, I got into more mainstream stuff then I discovered Nile and Behemoth. Obviously that band has a blackened element too but they had a few albums that were definitely borderline death metal like Demigod. Then I discovered Razordback Records and that was the shit that got me. I was so juiced on that stuff when I heard it. I didn’t even know music like that existed! It was such a mishmash of death metal, grind, thrash and punk.


What do you love so much about music?

There’s a lot to love. Playing music is an experience unlike anything else. It’s an experience which can for lack of a better word let me express myself. I can plug in my guitar and let out a bunch of energy and it feels good. It’s an outlet! It makes me happy!



Interview: Matt Bacon.