9 April 2018


Julien Truchan (vocals)

E-mail interview – Friday March 2, 2018

“I cant wait to be at Hellfest and give to the crowd the very best of what Benighted has to spill on stage!”



So how did it feel to get the call to once again play Hellfest?

It’s always a huge honor to be called by such an amazing festival! We are very excited to set Altar Stage on fire and share all we have in our guts with all the crazy people in the crowd! We play on Friday which is the very first day of the festival, so I guess everybody will be in his best shape to make this moment something unforgettable!


What do you think of this year’s lineup?

Like always, it will be difficult to watch all the bands I would want to as the line-up is so fantastic! Of course as you can imagine, I am more interested in extreme bands so most of the time I will stick to Altar and Temple stages to watch great bands like Napalm Death, Suffocation, Rotten Sound, Septic Flesh, At The Gates…


Are you planning anything special for the festival?

We will prepare a very special set-list with some special surprises of course!


You’ve obviously performed at Hellfest before – how does that previous experience inform your approach to the festival?

Hellfest is such a professional festival, we know that everything will be easy and perfect as always! It will be our 4th time there if you don’t include Fury Fest 2004 which was the name before Hellfest. We know exactly how things will work so we can focus on our performance on stage and then… only party! Ahah!


What are you most looking forward to at the festival itself outside of performing?

It’s always the occasion to meet a lot of friends that you can rarely see along the year, meet new people too, and of course being available for the fans who always show us such a great support!


For years it has felt like Benighted were a “best kept secret” of the French metal scene – what do you think has really propelled you in recent years?

I think things really started to grow up with our signing with Season of Mist. We had a way better exposition to an international level and that helped a lot. We didn’t change anything on our side, just always try to make the music we love, the most effective as possible, being honest and authentic with our fans by giving them the best of us and tour as much as possible.


Since signing to Season Of Mist you guys have been bigger than ever – how do you see Benighted growing in the next few years?

For 2 years, I see a really big difference with all the propositions we receive from everywhere around the world and we tour more than ever! For the first time, we played in Asia, America and we will continue to spread our music everywhere it will be possible and show our fans what Benighted looks like on stage!


It seems like the death metal and grindcore scenes are growing rapidly worldwide – why do think that is?

I don’t know, I think things work as a cycle and that maybe it will become totally obsolete in 2 years, before becoming again a huge thing that everyone wants to listen. People who really are into death metal and grindcore have it in their skin I guess, and it will be the same no matter what trendy style is “dominant”, but many people also take it as thing of the moment because it’s “the new thing to listen” and will pass to something else after… For me it’s not important, only the real underground spirit has to stay alive.


Where do you feel you fit in to the extreme metal underground?

We play a very extreme music which will never become mainstream and I think it’s very good like this. We always considered ourselves underground and it will never change, no matter how big Benighted is. Nowadays, many bands tell us that we are a huge inspiration for them, or people say that Benighted is the leader of extreme metal in France… It’s flattering but not really important, we are just stupid teenagers who want to have fun and party with friends and fans! Ahah!


Have you started work on the next album? If so – what direction do you think you are going to take?

Actually we are working on a EP which will be out in autumn for celebrating our 20 years anniversary! It will include 3 new tracks, some covers and live stuff from our anniversary show will take place in Lyon in May. I can’t wait for that! We already started to write the new songs, and just imagine that we want to put the intensity of a whole Benighted album in 3 songs to have an idea of the musical poetry it will be!


Aside from Hellfest, what are you most looking forward to in 2018?

I am very impatient to play at Chicago Domination Fest (US) in July, also Obscene Extreme (Czech Republic) in July, Sylak Open Air (France) and for the very first time Party San (Germany)! We also have a huge European tour on the way for autumn with our brothers from Aborted, we will reveal the details soon!


What do you love so much about music?

I never listened to music for dancing, it’s just that it really hits me up from inside, I feel a lot of emotions and power in it. It just makes me feel even more alive than I am and it’s the perfect way to connect with people who share your passion!


Do you have any final words of wisdom for me?

Thank you very much for this interview! Hope to see you at Hellfest then and I can’t wait to be there and give to the crowd the very best of what Benighted has to spill on stage! Stay sick!



Interview: Matt Bacon.