The electronic wallet for an easier festival. Your wristband will be your right access and has also a microchip that will enable you to use the Cashless system, practical and secure. No more complications with your money or the fear to lose your wallet and youcan credit your account online via the mobile app or at To save some time and avoid queuing when arriving at the festival, you can directly enjoy your consumptions at the 100% Cashless bars and caterings! It’s easy to pay : scan your wristband at the payment screens and in few seconds, it’s done!

Please read the entire detailed protocol below!

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Why do I need to create an account before the festival ?

Create your account via the website : or via the Hellfest mobile application, it’s simple, fast, secure and the advantages are a lot :

  • To credit your Cashless before the festival and avoid the queues at the Hellfest’s Cashless banks
  • To check your balance at any time, your transactions history and to edit your own invoices regarding these transactions
  • To register your bank details on the secure platform in a view to credit your account quickly thanks to the “automatically credit” function (explained below at “How to credit my account at the festival”)
  • In case of loss, theft or damage of your wristband, you’ll be able to block its chip and to credit your new wristband with the remaining amount
  • To ask the refund of the remaining amount before the 8th of July, 2018 (at 11PM59).

Please note that, you can create an account online at any time, when you want before, during or after the festival.
If you create your account before the festival, the DIGITICK ticket’s bar code must be entered as the reference number.
If you create your account during the festival, you must enter the 6-letter code behind the chip of your wristband.$

Is that mandatory to create an account?

No but it’s highly recommended for the reasons explained above and if you don’t create it, you will not be able ever to :

– ask for your chip’s block in case of loss, theft or damage,
– ask for the refund of your amount after the festival.

Indeed, it’s possible to credit your Cashless wristband at the Cashless banks, it will be anonymous and no account linked to it. Your Cashless wristband will be anonymous and remains it forever if your never link it to an online account (via or the mobile app).

Do I have to pay for the wristband?

No but at the first credit done you will be charged by 1€ for the chip activation. These fees will be charged once the first credit is done (online or at the Cashless bank) and never again.
If you do not use your chip for the Cashless but only to enter the festival, no fee will be charged ever.

How to obtain my Hellfest wristband and charge the Cashless credit on it?

– if you have created an account online before the festival and credited it, you were be asked to enter your Hellfest’s ticket bar code :

When you will show your Hellfest’s ticket at the entrance, you will be given a wristband with your credit on it. Keep carefully your ticket because it’s your pass to enter the festival but also, the way to use the money you’ve credited online.

– if you haven’t created an account online before the festival :

Let’s meet at the Cashless banks on the site with your wristband to credit the chip with credit card, cash or check. After that, you’ll be able to pay at the festival but do not forget that it’s highly recommended to go online to create a Cashless account and enter the 6-letter bar code of the wristband (Introduction vid. Tutorial).

Can I use the Cashless wristband everywhere at Hellfest?

Your Cashless wristband will be the unique way to pay at :

* the whole bars and catering of all the festival (Hellfest and others too), Hell City Square and Metal Corner (camping) included.
* the ear plugs stands
* the phone charge stands
* H2O point at the campsite (showers access and water points)
* Big Wheel

Be careful, the Cashless can’t be used at the EXTREM MARKET stands, Hellcity Square or Metal Corner neither at the merchandising stands or Hellfest items.
At these stands, only can be used checks, cash or credit cards.

 How to credit my Cashless wristband during the festival?

You can credit your chip in two ways :

– (recommended) log in at your online account via the app with your smartphone or at the website
– go to a Cashless bank

You can credit your account as many time as you want, before and during the festival ; the credit will be immediate!
To save time and avoid all the inconvenience of the credit at the festival, we put an option called “credit automatically”. Lower than 15 €, your credit will automatically gain 20 € more. This option is selected by default, you can disabled it via your online account.

If I have more than one 1 day wristband, must I create an account a day?

No, you can affiliate all your chip’s numbers to your online account. BE CAREFUL : do not cut the credited wristband even if it’s a past day, keep it!

What happens if I case of loss, damage or theft of my wristband?

The wristband is locked to your wrist, no chance to lose it but if you have any problems, here are the step to follow :

– if you have an online account :
You can ask for the block of the chip at a Cashless SAV

– if you don’t have created an account but have the number of your wristband chip :
You can ask for the block of the chip at a Cashless SAV

– if you don’t have any account or written the number of the chip :
It’s impossible for Cashless to find out about your credit, your money will be lost.

That’s why it’s highly recommended to create an account because this identification step allows to block the lost chip or to credit another chip with the money you had.
In case of a new chip needed, the 1€ fees will be asked to power it.

How to take care of my wristband?

Your wristband is equipped with an electronic chip where is your money, take care of it ! Avoid the high temperatures or flames and do not cut it : it will become obsolete immediately.
No worries with the water, it’s waterproof.

After the festival, what the matter with my money?

– if you have an online account  :
If your credit is more than 0.5€, you can ask for a refund. Just log at your online account, check the credit to remain and enter your bank codes. If you can’t see your credit, check that your wristband is linked to this account (enter the 6 letters code).

– if you don’t have any account :
Just create it and enter the code under the wristband chip (not your ticket’s bar code!) and after having enter your bank codes, ask for the refund.

You can ask for the refund till the 8 of July at 11PM59.

After that precise date, your money will be used to implement Hellfest associative projects and can’t be claimed anymore or use in another Hellfest editions ever. Please be careful to give correct bank information or to use an available credit card until the end of the Cashless chip. All the credits non claimed before the 8 of july will be used by Hellfest Productions to support its artistic and cultural project.  All the refund fees are free for you, Hellfest Productions will take them over.  Due to interbank obligations, a gap of three working days is to wait before seeing the refund at your credit bank account.  Moreover, no refund can be asked by e mail ever. For any other question, feel free to ask :