Exclusive interview – : KREATOR [Mille Petrozza (vocals & guitar)]

27 January 2017


“We will have full production, so it’s gonna be IN YOUR FACE!”

Mille Petrozza – Paris – November 19th, 2016


It will be your 3rd participation at Hellfest in 2017. What do you think about Hellfest festival compared to other European festivals?

Yes and we have been to Fury Fest before! So I think this will be even our fourth time. Maybe fifth because I don’t remember if we have played Fury Fest once or twice.  Hellfest is definitely unique because it is very different from other festivals I have been to.  I think Hellfest has this very arty dimension, there are a lots of sculptures from great artists, so it is different from other festivals. The atmosphere is different, the audience is fantastic, it has the same kind of vibe as Wacken but… With a different twist. It looks like more as an art carnival with metal. There is a kind of a bizarre atmosphere at Hellfest, but it is really cool, I like it so much, it is so amazing!


Your latest record, Gods Of Violence, is to be released on January 27th here in France. How would like to introduce it to Hellfest fans?

Hopefully they gonna like it! It is definitely the continuation of what we have been doing with Phantom Antichrist, but with a new flavour. You should take a listen, take your time and check it out! I don’t how to describe it, how it is different from what we have done in the past. I think there are new songs of course, that’s the major difference. I hope they have the same energy, the same impact as Phantom Antrichrist.


How many songs of Gods Of Violence will you play on stage on next tour?

At least five… Maybe even more! It depends on the setlist you know. It’s getting hard to put songs on our setlist, because we have so many songs, you know… Fourteen albums! And it depends also on how much time we can play on stage of course.



Where do you find your inspiration as a song writer?

Anything… Anything from art to literature… To movies… Movies are my main sources of inspiration. Music is only a quarter, I think… About movies: I love the Danish director called Refn. And I also like many, many directors such as Lars Von Trier and… A lot of old classic movies, with a dark side… But not only. I also like bizarre stuff… Movies are definitely main my sources of inspiration, more than Music. Because Music is in my DNA anyway. I need to be inspired by images.


What about the songwriting policy within the band? How do you manage it? 

It’s always different. I mean, I write 90% or 99% of the songs, but the participation of the other members is very important also. They help to arrange the music, they manage cool arrangements. So they help me a lot because their work is reflecting on the music. So we are definitely a team. I present songs to the other members of the band, and sometimes the guys don’t like them and of course, sometimes they like them. So, we discuss. It’s a long process.


What are you 5 favorite albums of all times?

It’s very hard! Because it changes every day! I mean I can name you some, but they will not be my all times favourite ones. For today, it might be the last Iron Maiden album… I like it so much…I like the new Metallica also, I think it’s a good album. Hum… I like hum… The last Testament album, because it’s a great album. I also like the last Lana Del Rey album and the last Ghost album. So these are the 5 albums I have in mind at this moment, but like I said, it’s just for today.


What do you think of the “new school” thrash metal scene? Bands such as Vektor or Violator, for instance?

They are great! Vioaltor is my favourite. Vektor is one of my favorites in the progressive way. There are many, many good bands. There is a band from Spain I particularly love: this band is called Crisix and I love them so much! So I think it’s great we have a new generation of thrash metal bands. It is essential for music to continue this way! The young bands are the future anyway.


What are your main projects for next year?

Touring, touring and touring!


One last word for Hellfest Festival fans?

We love Hellfest and we are so much looking forward to come and play at Hellfest next year. It’s gonna be one of the highlights of our massive tour next year. We will have full production, so it’s gonna be IN YOUR FACE and a lot of fun!


Interview: Keuf

Many thanks to Valérie (Nuclear Blast)