Exclusive interview for GOJIRA [Mario Duplantier (bass)]

25 August 2016

“Opening for Metallica was a dream come true, but I feel like Hellfest is a bigger and better experience” – Marie Duplantier – Sunday 19 June 2016



How the hell are you?

Very good! It’s an amazing day. It’s my birthday and we played Hellfest!


You live in Brooklyn right?

I’m between France and Brooklyn. I was there for a year to do the album with my brother, but I’m kind of in between right now.


Are you going to move there full time?

I don’t know. We’ll see. My brother has lived there for five years. For me it’s different. I just went over to experience composing somewhere else. Maybe I will go back but it’s quite expensive.


You said you were there for the experience of composing somewhere else… how did that impact the same record?

A lot! It’s not at all the same vibe or room. Our practice room in France was in the family house – it was great to not be in that environment and to be far from the family. It gave us fresh eyes for the album.


So is that why the new Gojira was such a step?

Probably. But between 30 to 35 there were a lot of changes in our lives. Between 25-30 it was relatively calm, but the last five years we became fathers and lost our mother. The last few years have been crazy. So we became a lot older a lot more quickly. We became more responsible and less death metal!


What will happen between 35 to 40?

I don’t know!


You’ve obviously played Hellfest a whole bunch – how does it feel to come back year after year?

It’s amazing. It’s a French festival and we are a French band. It’s a huge community and it’s amazing. It’s very important for us.


It’s almost religious?



Playing the main stage at Hellfest versus Stade De France, which was cooler?

Hellfest! Stade De France wasn’t as many people. The doors had only just opened nobody was really there. Still it was amazing. Opening for Metallica was a dream come true, but I feel like Hellfest is a bigger and better experience.


You’ve satisfied every dream of young French metalheads… how do you deal with that?

We work hard! We focus before going on stage. We are tight. That’s the key. You have to be at your best. You can’t totally relax. You always have to keep the work very tight. We work a lot. I wasn’t partying before the show. I was trying to be totally sure I was warmed up and could give it all on stage.


How do you warm up?

One hour on my practice pad!


What do you love so much about music?

You don’t have to put words to it or talk. It’s a pure expression of emotion through the instruments. It’s fantastic and dreamy!


Interview: Matt Bacon.