Exclusive interview for CATTLE DECAPITATION [Josh Lemore (guitar)]

2 November 2016

“We don’t take ourselves seriously but we take what we do seriously” – Josh Lemore (guitar) -Saturday 18 June 2016



How are you?

I’m doing well. This whole thing is rather amusing!


How is it amusing?

We played a show, and watched people go crazy and then did interviews for about four hours! Now I ate some food, like actual dinner which is awesome and I’m having my first beer of the day and now I’m going to take in this whole atmosphere.


What was the worst question in those interviews?

There were no really bad questions, just stupid questions. There’s some stuff I’ve answered before but I understand why people are asking them.


What’s your least favorite question to answer?

Well I didn’t get any of the ‘How did you get together’ or ‘How long has the band been around’ types of questions. But I got asked ‘What does the cover mean?’ I think almost everyone asked that! There was a French TV station who didn’t ask those kinds of questions at all, they were more general.


For you what makes a good interview?

One that won’t do anything for the band! Something that’s fun with ridiculous questions. One of the best interviews I’ve ever had was with this guy from New Jersey, it was in the back of a car in the rain, it was one of the most fun interviews I’ve ever. It was like a bunch of absurd ‘Would you rather’ questions and stuff. It was a half hour of ridiculous questions. It’s three adult men sitting in the back of a compact car answering dumb questions. That doesn’t do much for the band, but it’s fun.


It’s interesting that you say that since Cattle Decapitation isn’t really a fun band…

We are serious when it comes to that, but in general we aren’t serious. We don’t take ourselves seriously but we take what we do seriously. If you put that much passion or effort into something then you’re going to have that emotional stake in it. That’s really important to have. Outside of the music though it’s just dick and fart jokes. We have great taste in dick and fart jokes! Lots of other bands don’t.


Who at this festival has bad taste?

I could probably spit and find someone. I’m sure they would think the same of me.


Do you have a favorite dick and fart joke?

I remember laughing uncontrollably as a kid when another kid in class drew the most incredibly awful image of a naked woman. The bush was just a scribble and the boobs were just too huge circles with dots on them. I remember laughing so hard I shot a little bit of urine out. The teacher came over but fortunately she didn’t see the picture. That’s not a dick joke, that’s more of a naked person joke.


Another one I have… so my wife gets up and goes to the gym very early and I go to bed a little later. So late one night I walk up to the bed and I get really close to her head, like eight inches away, it’s almost pitch black in the room and she’s dead asleep. Then – this surprised me, I farted this like compressed air fart. She shot up in bed, half awake and start hyperventilating and then went back down. I stayed up all night so that I could tell her about it! So she’ll occasionally make reference to it around friends like “At least you didn’t get woken up by a fart fired in your face!” She’s a good sport about it. I’d rather a thousand times have her do that then be actually angry about it. I’m glad she can loosen up. I found the right one – and I don’t mean that in a gross kind of way.


To what extent do you find your relationship with your wife to be similar to that of the people in your band?

It really is the same type of relationship. It’s the same inasmuch as you’re sort of married to your bandmates because you spend time with them. You have to change for them. There are a ton of differences though, a lot of different rules. I think everyone would have a different answer.


So your last record was amazing, are you working on new material?

We don’t really write on the road. Some bands do. However with a lot of those bands it’s just one guy writing everything. However we all write so it’s different. We are already looking at festivals for next summer, so once we get through that we will tackle the next record.


The last record got massive praise… how much pressure do you feel about that for the next record?

I think it’s nowhere near the pressure we put on ourselves. We appreciate what they say, but it’s more about us. We don’t sweat what other people say because we are already busting our balls. We don’t have a formula because what fun is that? Sure we have songs that remind us of other songs but that’s just for our own reference. It’s cool if a song reminds you of another but that’s not what it’s about. We don’t try to insert old formulas into new music. We do whatever we want, but we want to do it within the confines of our genre and not go really over the top. We don’t want to be grasping or make things seem forced. Maybe it’s combining slightly different elements and discovering new things that each of us can do that expands the sound. It makes us a lot more successful!



Interview: Matt Bacon.