Exclusive interview for : AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED [Scott Hull (guitar) & Richard Johnson (vocals)]

31 August 2016

“I’m still on a high from watching Magma” – Richard Johnson – Friday 17 June 2016



How the hell are you guys doing?

Scott: Awesome! A little tired but very stoked to be here.

Rich: I’m still on a high from watching Magma.

Scott: That was amazing. It was a refreshing change of pace. I’m a prog nerd anyway so it was neat to see that anyway.

Rich: I’m not a Magma freak or anything, but I never thought I would see them.


How have your Hellfest experiences been Scott?

Scott: They have been awesome! The first time was years ago and I sprained my ankle and I had to play on stage with fucked up leg and that was difficult but lots of fun. We played again a few years ago with Pig Destroyer and that was really fun. It’s such a huge festival. What do you think of it Rich?

Rich: This being my first one I’m just blown away by the scope of the whole thing.

Scott: It’s like a small city. It really is neat.

Rich: Besides Maryland Deathfest this is my first giant open air festival.

Scott: We did Netherlands Deathfest but that was in a club.


As an American does anything in particular have you agog?

Rich: I wouldn’t say agog. It’s just that cliché Americans have about when they go overseas and see things are a little different. I’m always struck by that. It’s great getting a little bit of different culture. You just plug that in when you are talking to people. I guess mostly that’s staff at Hellfest. Metalheads are the same everywhere. I guess it doesn’t matter where you are, everyone has black t shirts, banging, having a good time an drinking. Everyone says the beer is better in Europe.

Scott: I don’t know if that’s so much the case anymore, Americans made beer a serious priority over the last few years.

Rich: I guess the craft beer culture in the states has really picked up.

Scott: It’s too bad we missed a lot of bands today because we missed our connecting flight. We were supposed to get in at 1. The weather was bad back at home so we didn’t leave until way later so we didn’t get here until 6 – took a shower, came here at 8, 8:30 and the day was over.


Is there anyone you are looking forward to seeing?

Scott: I really want to see Twisted Sister and Foreigner as well as Cattle Decap. Too bad we are going to miss Refused! Good thing we have the app to look at!

Rich: It’s awesome that Hellfest has an app so we can keep track of what’s going on.

Scott: Fu Manchu is taking over for Down, we want to see them.

Rich: I want to see Loudness and Myrkur. Strife would be cool, I’ve never seen them. Entombed AD would be interesting.

Scott: Torche – I’ve only seen them once.

Rich: I’d love to see Joe Satriani, I’ve only seen him once.

Scott: I’m not a big shred guitar fan.

Rich: I’ve seen Napalm Death more times than I can count but if I have a chance to see Napalm Death I’m not going to skip it.


So Scott… you could be a producer full time – why aren’t you?

Scott: I don’t want to rely on it. I’d rather it be something I desire to go than something I have to go to for a living. I have to support a family, and if I had to do that stuff with music I would resent it. I want to do it at my own time frame. That’s why we don’t have constant tours or CD’s. It just gets done when it gets done. We are fortunate to have fans who stick with us, but I don’t want to expect to much from it.


How do you balance all that?

Scott: It’s a lot of juggling. I have a wife that is very understanding and helpful and she lets me practice and work in the studios, but I don’t have a lot of free time. I wake up super early.

Rich: I wake up at 6:30 and I take the bus. I don’t have to drive!

Scott: It’s a balancing act, that’s part of why it is difficult for me.


Obviously the latest Agoraphobic Nosebleed is kind of a doom record, are you going to be playing any of that live?

Scott: Not this weekend because to get songs into the setlist I have to do a bunch of technical stuff for the drums. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and do that yet, but I’m about 80% of the way getting it ready for the set.

Rich: We also have to rehearse it. Everybody has been asking us if we are going to do that live -everyone wants to hear it.

Scott: We will.

Rich: We want to do it ourselves as well. We have something new out, we should play that.


That came out right after Pig Destroyer’s doom record…

Scott: It’s pretty unrelated. We had Mass & Volume laying around forever. We released it as a charity album for the daughter. It was unrelated to what we were doing with Ark. When Kat (Katz – vocals) wanted to do a doom record I didn’t want it to be funeral doom record, I wanted it to be rock and roll doom like Eyehategod or Black Sabbath.


So what are you guys the most excited about for the upcoming Rammstein set?

Scott: I don’t know much about them, I just hear they are incredible live.

Rich: They are really obnoxious, I’ve just seen a couple of live clips. I’ve got a few of their mid period records. I have the one that has Amerika, and the ones before and after that. They are very German and stiff and they have huge choruses. They are a very traditional verse chorus kind of band but they are great to rock along to. I’ve never seen them in the states. I’m going for the spectacle!


Interview: Matt Bacon.