26 October 2016

What king of big changes can we wait for?

Our team has always been at its fans disposal and tries the best to propose each year another amazing event. Last past year, you were not satisfied by the Warzone lack of space, so we promised to rethink that entire spot. It seems that you’ve been amazed by the big transformation of it and we are so proud and glad you liked our efforts!

This year, as the past ones, we read all your comments and we begun to manage plans to improve some points for the next edition. Let’s begin by our number one priority : that feeling of “too much people” you felt. We thought about two solutions. The first one could be to sell fewer tickets but that would be a drama for some of yours. The second solution would be to enlarge the place in front of the main stages, without opening the place to more festival goers. We decide to validate the second option ; all the artist’s dressing rooms behind the Main Stages will be entirely moved onto the past festival spot, so is freed 1 500 m² (16 145 square feet), 50 % increased space!

We also re think our entry system and Cashless one which generated too much stress for you waiting too long for them. More of that, so much numerous surprises can arise such as only the Hellfest can do, with new sceneries and activities which made the Hellfest an unique event in the musical land in France and in the World, a festival made by the fans for the fans!