18 May 2016

Hello everybody, there is only few days to command your Cashless card online.
after May the 29 : 23:59, the only way to obtain one will be at the festival’s spot, so you will lost a precious time instead of enjoying the festival!

We highly recommend you to buy one as this Cashless card is the only way to order drinks and food at Hellfest’s Official Snacks
The Cashless card can NOT be use at Merch point, Extreme Market and others food trucks.

If you still have the 2015 Cashless card, you can use it this year and if you want, to credit it at the Cashless recharge points all over the festival’s spot.

This 2015 card has less possibilities than the 2016 one, for example you can’t credit it via our mobile application (in the wifi area) and you can’t link it to your online account to safely pay.
The 2016 card has more features and it must make your life easier!

This year, with our mobile application (iphone and android) you can check your account and thanks to wifi spots, you’ll be able to credit it freely without waiting lines!

To our thirsty festival-goers till Thursday if you don’t want to waste your time, command right now your 2016 Cashless card online! You’ll receive it soon (card : 2.74 € + minimum credit : 20€)

Cheers ! Skoll! ‪#‎raiseyourglass‬