12 June 2016

Dear all,

Due to the current French regulations on electronic money, prepaid cards and alternative payment systems, online topping up features requires some constraints of identity verification and gathering of private information.

Given the usage inconvenience yielded and to stay in compliance with legislation, but also to respect the spirit of the festival, our service provider partner has taken the decision not to give the possibility to top-up online during this year’s edition of the festival, contrarily to what was indicated in the mail you have received with your pre-ordered card.

The number of top-up stations on site has been increased compared to last year, and, with the possibility to reuse the remaining credits of last year’s edition plus the rise in the number of pre-orders this year, topping-up on site will be made all the more fluid.

The application will still enable the people who have a 2016 cashless card to:

  • Consult their credit remaining
  • Know their last purchases
  • Block their card remotely in case of theft or loss

To access all these features, you will just have to connect to the Hellfest application and type in the 6 figures written at the back of your card.

This modification doesn’t affect the credit you have pre-ordered and you will still be able to use your cashless card on arriving at the festival.

We remain at your disposal, should you have any question on this topic, at the following address:

We wish you a very pleasant festival.