8 May 2018
Dear friends, our cashless system get evolved this year : the well known card id over now, you will be able to use your cashless thanks to your wristband to pay all your consumptions!
More simple, more quick and secure, this system is a real time saver by avoiding queues at the banks.
Since now, you can create your account and make top ups at ou via the mobile app (MY ACCOUNT at the right top – Cashless), an app we highly recommend to upload to credit your wristband before and during the festival but also, to consult easily your balance.
To create your account, you must enter the bar code of your Hellfest’s printed ticket.
At your arrival at the festival, your money will be available thanks to your wristband at the first entrance scan.
Please take the time to CONSULT QUIETLY THE Q&A and understand fully the 2018 Hellfest cashless.
If your answer is nowhere to be found in the Q&A, please contact our dedicated team at