8 November 2016


The ANIMA’GREEN Team (Animaje Association), the GHETTO ART (Cultural Troublemakers) and the HELLFEST Crew, in partnership with The Clisson’s Valley Community of communes and Clisson and Gétigné’s municipalities, have this year again set the record, speaking about the treatment of the wastes on the car parks, the campsite and the festival’ spot.

After more than 33.5% in 2015, the record of the waste recycling was this year higher:

The festival exceeds the rate of 47 % of waste recycling, this 2016 edition is experiencing record growth!!

Are brought together more than 400 volunteers (Anima’Green/Ghetto Art) from Wednesday noon to Sunday evening, then 195 young volunteers, 55 adults and more than 20 agents from Clisson and Gétigné’s municipalities from Monday to Friday. All these teams have succeeded collecting and sorting out 77.34 tons of glass, 15.52 tons of cardboard, 10.44 tons of packaging, 12.64 tons of wood.


The quality of our teams’ work is strengthened by a more and more responsible behavior of yours. Bringing back your trash bags to the waste sorting points on the campsite, you make easier the volunteers work and you improve the right image of Hellfest. Our festival goers are more and more sensitive to environmental issues… Which make the campsite and the festival’s spot each year cleaner.

The more you participate, the more you gain tickets and indeed, the more you increase your chance to win… But the hazard plays its part too, an innocent hand picked up the winners of the Anima Green contest 2016 among the 200 distributed tickets :

  • Ticket N° 01372 / 4 PASS HF2017
  • Ticket N° 01474 / 1 sweat + 1 accessory
  • Ticket N° 01442 / 1 tee-shirt + 1 accessory
  • Ticket N° 01489 / 1 tee-shirt
  • Ticket N° 01396 / 1 accessory

THANK YOU TO THE WINNERS FOR POSTING THEIR TICKET WITH ALL THEIR IDENTITY INFORMATIONS TO : Hellfest Productions – Concours Anima’Green – La Feuillée – 85610 Cugand – France

En verre et contre tous

Congratulation to everyone and wishing that the others have used their drink credits properly!

Thank you to all the volunteers and persons in charge to have dedicated time into that and their energy without reserve, thank you all the festival goers who helped them.

Lets’ hope for a cleaner festival in 2017!

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