30 November 2015


IMPORTANT : Fellow festivalgoers, as you may know there are no more 3 day passes available on our dealers’ websites. Once again, we would like to warn you about second hand sales. Be sure to use the official partner platform so as to guarantee the validity of your pass! DON’T EVER publish pictures of your ticket or barcode on social networks! Also, we have noticed some questionable operations on the internet: excessive speculation has been seen regarding the resale of 3 day passes, as well as 1 day passes. Given that the Hellfest has not put the 2016 one day tickets up for sale yet*, these are clearly SCAMS! Don’t be fooled! Always use official second hand sales networks to get a valid pass! Don’t buy your passes off classifieds websites, where the authenticity of your purchase cannot be guaranteed! Spread the word! Do report any suspected abuse at: 

* We cannot tell you yet when the daily passes will be on sale; we have yet to finish programming the line-up!