For two decades NIGHTWISH has entertained audiences throughout the world with their very own brand of music. Ultimately, NIGHTWISH have made a career out of breaking the rules. Their sound could never simply be categorised, and they have managed to continually evolve with each album. Like fine wine, the songwriting and musicianship of this mostly Finnish sextet simply gets better with age. The band has an ability to do what few can: progress within itself. NIGHTWISH has remained a force in the European scene for the last decade. Equal parts epic metal and gothic symphony, they stand alone. They blend soaring keyboards and operatic vocals with shredding guitars and jagged rhythms for a style of cinematic, orchestral heavy music all their own. Be prepare to be floored by their huge, bombastic sound, a blend of a full orchestra, choirs, native instruments, and metal equally able to produce beautiful ballads and towering compositions of incredible grandeur and power.